Dog Daycare

Many pet owners work long hours, leaving their dogs home alone without mental or physical stimulation. Daycare is a fun alternative to crating or leaving your dog home alone. Our dog daycare allows you to leave your pup with us for the day knowing they are getting the very best experience through  positive canine interaction, physical exercise, and mental stimulation, all while getting lots of love an attention from our highly trained Canine Coaches! 


Dogs are naturally social creatures who enjoy regular, positive interactions with other canines. In the correct environment, group play can be a positive tool to enhance your dog's behavior and obedience training. During group play our staff works with the play group to help improve basic manners and promote good social cues/recognition.
With 13,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor play space, every dog has all the room they need to catch the zoomies and stretch their legs or find a comfortable piece of play furniture and snooze the day away.
  • Dogs are grouped separately based on size and play style.
  • We maintain a strict maximum 15 to 1 dog to staff ratio so every play group is properly supervised.
  • All staff members are trained in Pet CPR and Emergency First-Aid.
  • Our staff is continually training in the latest dog daycare standards and canine handling/behavior literature so your pup gets the best interaction possible.

Temperament Testing

All Daycare Dogs must pass a Daycare Screening and Temperament Test before being "Daycare Approved."  This screening consists of a "touch test" (seeing if the dog will allow us to touch their back, tail, and feet), a "crate test" (crates are used for "cool-downs" or "timeouts" if a dog becomes overstimulated), and a slow introduction to the group of dogs. We have several indoor and outdoor play yards which we use to facilitate the screening. Your dog will be introduced to the first play yard and given time to become comfortable after which we will bring dogs of similar energy and size dogs over to meet him or her. During these initial introductions, we focus heavily on physical cues and body language to ensure Daycare is fun, not stressful. 

Temperament Testing is available Monday through Thursday by appointment only. We highly recommend dogs checking in for boarding receive a temperament test prior to their first overnight boarding visit as we cannot guarantee completing the temperament test on the first day of the stay. This is due to the time you may be checking in and the number of previously scheduled screenings. Thanks for your cooperation! Please plan on having your pup stay with us for at least 4 hours to give them time to get comfortable with new friends and environment. Regardless of whether they pass the test, they are able to stay at our facility for the full day. 

The safety and security of our visiting pets is our highest priority. Therefore, we require the following canine vaccines before your visit: 




Negative fecal test (within 6 months)


We also recommend, but do not require:

Canine Influenza*

  *Both the H3N2 & H3N8 strains - ask your vet for the bivalent vaccine.

Temperament Test: $35

Daycare Schedule

Daycare is normally available Monday through Saturday however due to COVID19, we do not currently offer daycare on Saturday.

Our daycare environment is designed to provide proper stimulation and exercise to your dog. After a full day of playing and running around they may be noticeably more tired after you pick them up.

Also, remember that dogs play with their mouths and feet. They may get scrapes, scratches, or even punctures from a tooth when wrestling with other dogs. Just like schoolchildren on the playground, these things can happen even with constant supervision. We do not allow aggressive dogs and proactively work to ensure play does not escalate beyond acceptable standards. If you have questions regarding how your dog is doing in group play feel free to give us a call!


- Full Day: $32.00 (anything over 5 hours)

- Half Day $25.00 (5 hours or less)

- Several package options available, including 5 day, 15 day, and monthly unlimited passes! Ask about the package discounts!

We also offer day boarding for dogs who don't do well in a group environment. Day boarding comes with one playtime and plenty of individual potty breaks. $27/day.